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Intensive English is a basic course designed for students of English as a second language who wish to improve their written and spoken communication skills. The course focuses on level-appropriate grammar, introduces vocabulary specific to various educational domains, and familiarizes students with the finer points of social etiquette and real life correspondence. This course also further increases the language proficiency level of the students. In this subject, their level of proficiency is further enhanced through reinforced language skills. This is in line with the programme’s content and outcomes which ensure that graduates will be able to progress to higher level of education and come to their jobs in the industry with contemporary skills and knowledge, and meets the employers’ needs for talented, adept and work-ready employees with appropriate levels of practical skills.This course is also designed to develop oral communication, as well as enhance students’ level of English literacy which will be beneficial to their tertiary education.  It also aims to equip students with the communication skills necessary for the college/university. Grammar will be taught implicitly in the course content. Students will acquire effective presentation skills. The Student Centered Learning approach is employed in teaching and learning process.

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Any formal & informal qualification
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Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Continuous Assessment &
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“I really enjoy my classes here and my language level really improved , at the same time I shave started to speak in English with my friends."

- Sarwini, 19 years old

“I like this programme because all of my friend s are very supportive and my lecturer is really helpful."

- Keshini, 20 years old

Each ESL student is different. "They invariably come into our classes with a wide range of abilities and understanding of the English language. Some speak well yet have trouble writing, others seem to do okay with speaking and writing, while others struggle to understand the syllabus, directions for assignments, and test questions. So, lecturers in Adroit College Are prepared to cater the needs of different types of students. Our main aim here is to boost the confident level of students in using the language and enable them to communicate in simple English by using authentic materials in Teaching and learning process to give them real life exposure."

- Lecturer Voice

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