March, April, July

Duration :

1 year

Semesters :

3 Semesters

The Canadian Pre-University (CPU) programme is an interactive, engaging programme that focuses student centered learning using state-of-the-art technology for excellence in education, skills & personality development Students who successfully complete the Canadian Pre-University Programme will receive the highly regarded Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a diploma which is accepted by universities around the world as an entry requirement. Student will be able to choose from a wide variety of subjects to obtain the Diploma depending on their future plans.

  • Ontario Secondry School Diploma awarded
  • Continuous internal & External assessment
  • Dual tutors from Canada & local tutors for each student / subject
  • Active learning system with extensive student participation
  1. Entry Requirement
  2. Programme Details
  3. Assessment Type
  4. Education Pathways
  5. Testimonials
Entry Level Entry Requirement
SPM / SPMV / O-Level (Art)

Minimum 5C’s in art subjects

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics

Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

Minimum 3 credits

(compulsory in Mathematics and Science subjects)

No. of Subjects Description
Core Subjects

7 core subjects out of 27 subject options

(include ENG4U as a compulsory)

MQA Subjects

Moral Studies | Islamic Studies | Bahasa Kebangsaan | Pengajian Malaysia

*In order to obtain the OSSD, students are required to complete 7 subjects from a total of 27 subjects depending on their future education pathway. Three MQA subjects are compulsory to be completed within the one year of study period.

Assessment Type Description
Written examination (30 %)

Final examination)

In-course assessment (70 %)
  • Rubric
  • Module test
  • ISU (Project)

Upon graduation with flying colors, students will be able to obtain admission into various Universities locally and abroad. The CPU program is a highly reputable course looked upon worldwide.

“The programme has helped a lot by establishing the basic knowledge within the areas of humanities, social and life sciences to pursue a relevant degree programmes in future. Furthermore, I can also demonstrate the ability to be responsible in sourcing and managing information to cope during my higher education studies.”

- Presha D/O S.Ramu

“The level of the education is higher compared to my previous studies where it is really tough for me. However, it actually helps me to think out of the box and become a creative thinking person.”

- Nur Syazana Azman

“CPU has helped me become more systematic and disciplined due to fact we need to complete our weekly assignments. It has also made me value time and wide my horizon of knowledge as every work done needs to be thoroughly understood first.”

- Aarina David

"The Canadian Pre-University Program is a kick start in preparing students for their higher education learning. It is a complete foundation forming a strong bridge to connect the students to various educations pathways depending on their future plans. Students tend to value time and are able to balance it up between social life and education."

- Lecturer Voice

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  • Fax : +603 4040 0311


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