Careers are important as statistic show that an average employee spends a total of around 8 hours a day at the work place. It is therefore very important for a student to choose the right pathways to ensure that their future jobs are something that they enjoy and will be productive in doing.

Adroit College is a premier education institute which assists aspiring post SPM students the right options after their SPM. Adroit has been associated with providing the right FOUNDATION to aspiring doctors and dentist towards their degrees in India and Indonesia. As of late, the college has also ventured in Business and I.T based programs which give students the much needed practical orientation to be successful in career in Business and I.T.

Adroit prides itself to ensure that you have the necessary soft skills and grooming to ensure that you get into a career of your choice. We groom you towards careers in Business, I.T, Medicine and Engineering. Our lecturers go the added mile to ensure that you are successful and our fees are competitive in relation to top notch academic quality.

We strive to get you placed into a career of your choice or admitted into a prestigious university to further your studies. Our offering is flexible yet logical to ensure the best return on your investment. To be successful in life, one must be groomed for the start of their tertiary education and at Adroit, we offer you that ever important first step.

Our programs equip you with the right skills and knowledge towards these popular careers.

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Management Professional
  • I.T Professional
  • Gaming developer/Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Marketing Professional
  • Many other interesting and in demand professions *

*Please call us by our general line 603 4040 0113 or email us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a consultation where we would be able to advise you to the best possible route which saves you time and money.

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